For All Your Forging & Machining Needs

As a natural extension of any workshop, Bensch performs a number of general engineering services as part of it’s regular operations.

General Engineering

Bensch operates automated computer numerically controlled saws to cut materials to the appropriate size for forging. We provide welding services when components need further manufacturing after the forging process is completed. We also provide surface treatment such as hardening, shot blasting, teflon coating and even spray painting to ensure we can supply a comprehensive component solution.

Quality & Traceability

Our quality control personnel are dedicated to ensure all products conform to customer specification. Guided by a certified quality management system to international standards. Every production run is subject to first off inspection, in line inspection and last off inspection. Bensch ensures products can be identified and traced throughout the manufacturing process with: raised identification, engraving and stamping.

Designing & Draughting

Bensch provides computer aided draughting and component design using Solidworks® software to produce up-to-date drawings. We are also able to read and process existing design files for manufacturing dies and components.

CNC Machining

Our CNC machining department manufactures dies which we use to manufacture high quality forged components. We add value to those forged components with further CNC machining processes which allow us to provide a comprehensive component manufacturing solution.

Packing & Logistics

Bensch ensures products arrive where they are needed and in a fit-for-purpose condition because we package components carefully to avoid damage in transit. Our sales and marketing team can coordinate a logistics solution to ensure that your operations run smoothly.

Die Sinking & Refurbishing

Bensch sinks and refurbishes its own dies using its complement of sophisticated cnc machinery. Our tool and die makers and CNC programmers design and manufacture dies to customer specification which means our lead times stay relevant to market needs.