• Open Die Forging

    Rings | Spindles | Bars

  • Closed Die Forging

    Steel | Aluminum | Copper

  • Upsetting

    Flat Bars | Square Bars | Hexagonal Materials

  • Cooling & Quenching

    Slow Cooling | Annealing | Water & Oil Quenching

Component Forging Solutions

Bensch Forge specializes in the manufacturing of Propshaft components, die manufacturing, as well as all types of open and closed die forging. Precision and quality with a keen focus on detail puts us at the leading edge of forging and manufacturing in South Africa. 

Whilst our core business centres on the forging of specialist components, our value added services have enabled us to offer much more. When Client projects demand a tailored approach we can offer just that. So, whilst offering an unbeatable combination of manufacturing, we provide a valuable single source of supply for our clients.

Bensch upholds the highest standards of quality and traceability to ensure that the correct quality components are delivered on time.

Forging Services

Bench offers the following industrial forging services and solutions:

Bensch - Hand Forging or Open Die Forging
Open Die Forging

Our highly skilled blacksmiths manufacture components by heating metal and shaping it to achieve the desired shape and size.

Bensch Upsetting Forging
Upset Forging

Holding pre-heated material between grip dies, we apply pressure to the end of the bar that displaces the heated metal within the die cavities.

Bensch - Closed Die Forge
Closed Die Forging

Closed die forging shapes hot metal within the wall cavity of two dies. Impressions can be in either die or divided between a top and a bottom.

Cooling & Quenching

Bensch Forge provides slow cooling of forged products as well as oil quenching for rapid cooling to obtain certain material properties.

Quality & PrecisionIs Our Guarantee

Forging Specialists

Bensch Forge improves manufacturing by providing reliable, just-in-time component forging solutions. We provide forged components including but not limited to the following:

Professional Industry Supplier

Bensch specializes in supplying forging and machining services to the following industries and markets:

Mining & Excavation
Lifting Equipment
Locking Elements
Electrical Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Air Industry
Pressure Vessels
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