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Component Forging Solutions

Bensch Forge improves manufacturing by providing reliable, just-in-time component forging solutions.

Whilst our core business centres on the forging of specialist components, our many other processes and services have enabled us to offer a tailored approach to components manufacturing.

We uphold the highest standards of quality and traceability to ensure that the correct quality components are delivered on time.

Our range of services make Bensch the supplier of choice for OEM’s who demand a high volume of forged components and who need value added services like machining and teflon coating from a single source and as the need arises.

We are committed to maintain and improve our image and reputation by striving for technical excellence in the services to our customers. Comply with local and international market requirements.

Bensch Quality Policy

We are committed to provide products, which constantly satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers and to achieve sustainable and profitable growth. Management will regularly review the quality management system and will ensure continuous improvement of the quality management system.

Recognizing the role of the quality management principles in our business objectives.

Recognition as a competent production facility and maintaining training facility.

With this quality policy statement Bensch Forge is unconditionally committed to the development, implementation and maintenance of an effective management system in supporting a quality driven business practice.

Bensch Forge ensures that the customer needs and expectations are determined, converted into requirements, and fulfilled with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction.

Bensch Vision & Values

To be the sole supplier of Prop-shaft components and commercial forgings for the African Market. To be the first choice and develop sustainable relationships with our clients.

The livelihood of our business and our determination to succeed shall be guided by:

Bensch Certification

Bensch Forge is tested, inspected and certified both nationally and internationally in order to fulfill the needs of our clients on a global scale. We are happy to assist both local as well as international clients.  

Bensch Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 Certification

Professional Industry Supplier

Bensch specializes in supplying forging and machining services to the following industries and markets:

Mining & Excavation
Lifting Equipment
Locking Elements
Electrical Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Air Industry
Pressure Vessels
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